wireless internet for hotels

Internet Access Options for Hotels, Resorts, Airports, Marinas, MDU's, Apartment Complexes, and Other Public Venues

Netlink Wireless was founded in 2005 to achieve one seemingly simple task: To provide a variety of Internet access options for guests of hotels and resorts, airports, marinas, MDU’s and apartment complexes and other public venues. Whether using our wired or wireless Internet service, Business Center Services, Internet Kiosks, or RADIUS and Network Management Software, Netlink Wireless can provide flexible options for guests and clients to access the Internet on demand, anytime, anywhere.

Our solutions are all custom designed. Using a variety of Internet transmission technologies, including Wireless, ADSL, VDSL, CAT-5E, CAT-6, Fiber and Coax, we design solutions that fit your existing infrastructure, with minimally invasive installations and truly exceptional results. Our core focus is providing in-room and public area Internet access in hotels and resorts, as well as public Internet access at airports, marinas, restaurants and other public venues.

Additionally, we can also provide residential Internet service to apartment buildings and MDU’s. Why let the cable and phone companies reap the financial rewards when, as a property manager, you can offer better service at a lower price to your residents and increase your cashflow with that service? As hard as some find it to believe, the average apartment complex will see a full return on their initial investment in 4-6 months.

Netlink Wireless is a company that was founded by networking engineers with years of experience in servicing the hospitality and public venue markets. We also perform constant 1st hand research to identify what it is that guests want to see during their online experience, and we tailor our technology and service to meet those desires. You never stop working to satisfy your guests, clients and residents, and neither do we. Contact us today for a free analysis of your needs and a customized solution designed just for you!